+ What is the actual size of the hole for the tree?

+ What is an evergreen tree?

+ What is a deciduous tree?

+ Can evergreen trees be cut into hedges?

+ What is the best option for a tree, indigenous or exotic?

+ I�m looking for a shade tree / umbrella tree, that is fast growing?

+ What tree(s) can I plant close to buildings that have non invasive root systems

+ I�m looking to screen my neighbour�s window that is looking into my living area?

+ I live in a very windy area, I would like to channel the wind away, what trees or shrubs can you recommend?

+ I�m looking for a flowering tree, which do you stock and what colour flower?

+ What fruit trees do you stock?

+ Do you deliver 500l to 1500l trees to the Gauteng area and what is the delivery costs?

+ I live in Port Elizabeth, quite a windy area. I require a tree that is quite wind tolerant. I liked the tall trees planted at the mall in Somerset West, near the Builder's Warehouse. Do you know off hand what trees these are. I can send a photo. Thank you.

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