Habitat Mature Tree Nursery offer professional big tree relocation and installation services for film industries, municipalities, building contractors and private residentials who need expert advice and assistance

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More than 30 000 big and mature containerised trees both indigenous and exotic up to 4000 litre containers

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Experience professional advice as well as delivery, planting and installation service from our dedicated team where requested

Largest Variety Trees & Shrubs

Find the largest variety Mature trees and shrubs available in the Western Cape, if not in South Africa

Tree Relocation & Harvesting

Another service we offer is Relocation of existing trees. This is not always possible. The following information is necessary in determining whether relocation is a viable option.

Harvesting of trees usually takes place in the winter months and this applies to special, beautiful, well-shaped or unique trees that are in positions or places where they can no longer be accommodated.

Rather than be cut down and destroyed they can be donated or possibly sold to Habitat mature Tree Nursery to relocate and re-establish in containers at the Nursery.

Once settled, stable and in good condition they will be offered up for sale. We like to call this a win win situation as the tree gets saved, the ex-owner does not pay for removal and the new owner gains a stock item at their cost.

  • Not all species are suitable to relocate. This can be established and confirmed by us if necessary.
  • It is not advisable to relocate trees in the hot summer months. Best time to plan relocation is in the cooler winter months when trees are dormant. Planning is therefore essential.
  • Sandy soils are not conducive to transplanting as root balls do not hold together. Loamy and clay soils are more appropriate for success.
  • Tree Size and access for relocation team and crane truck is also important. It is advisable to send us photos of the tree, both the extraction position and relocation position as well as the access to both positions. If any uncertainty regarding this, a site inspection can be arranged

Deliveries & Installation

A delivery and installation service is offered in the Western Cape. We deliver to other areas in South Africa and will gladly assist clients with arranging transport companies to collect purchased trees.

  • Delivery of our smaller trees (up to 250L) is carried out by two teams and delivered by LDV and trailer. Deliveries are often combined with other deliveries to the same area to make up a full load.
  • Delivery of larger trees (500L and larger) is done by Crane truck. Cost is determined by size, time and distance.
  • Installation service we offer consists of the following: preparation of the planting hole /s delivery of tree/s to site, the necessary compost and fertilizer needed for planting, as well as the closing of hole/s (planting of the tree). Clearing of site.
  • Trees that are collected by third parties are loaded and the load secured by our staff before departure. Client to provide necessary materials.
  • We have also on a number of occasions exported to various international destinations.

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